While we could say how great we are, we thought our customers would do it better . . .

One of the best independent coffee shops

“One of the best independent coffee shops

I visit Cafe Carberry at least once a month and have done so for at least 5 years. There’s more coffee shops in the vicinity now but they’re all corporate clones or a bit down at heel so I’ve stuck with the good one.

Coffee is made exactly as requested, even if you’re looking something unusual. Once the staff get to know you they offer “the usual”, given the large number of customers this is impressive. Many of the customers come from the nearby courts and don’t have a lot of time however as the staff are so efficient this isn’t a problem.

The cafe is nicely decorated with artworks around the place. Newspapers are always available too. The atmosphere is jolly and quiet enough for the customers to read files etc.

I would recommend this coffee house to everyone.

from original quote on TripAdvisor

My favourite coffee and lunch spot

“My favourite coffee and lunch spot

Cafe Carberry is just round the corner from where I work, which is how I have discovered this little gem. I go here daily for my filter coffee which is £1 to take away up until 11am. Their speciality coffees and herbal teas are great as well. Staff are friendly and quirky and I can honestly say that I look forward to calling in here everyday.

Also do a nice selection of salads, daily specials and homemade traybakes and scones. Really good all rounder for quality home made food. Would recommend to anyone.
from original quote on TripAdvisor

Great spot for lunch too, 2 yummy homemade soups to choose from daily with delicious home made wheaten bread, good value and portion sizes too.

Love Sandwiches and Wraps

“Love Sandwiches and Wraps

Often I get bored of sandwich lunches, but Cafe Carberry’s are in a class of their own and I have attended quite a few meetings where they have been responsible for the catering.

from original quote on TripAdvisor

The flavours and ingredients of their mixed sandwiches are yummy, the ingredients always fresh. The traybakes are also fresh and wonderfully sweet and large. Definite good place…

Great atmosphere, awesome food, outstanding service

“Great atmosphere, awesome food, outstanding service

This is the nearest coffee shop to my work and I usually eat here several times a week, but not just because it’s close. The breakfast’s unlike some of the nearby shops are freshly cooked to order and are delicious.

from original quote on TripAdviser

Lunchtime food is excellent . . . as well as the standard coffee shop fare they always have interesting specials on…

For all our Corporate Catering needs

“For all our Corporate Catering needs

We have been using Café Carberry for approximately two years for all our Corporate Catering needs. I would highly recommend them for their wonderful customer service and high standard and quality of food.

They were more than happy to tender and work with us tirelessly to create menus in line with that at our Corporate Headquarters in London.

“I would highly recommend them.

They provide us with a range of services such as breakfasts, lunches, service buffet lunches & dinners, fine dining and canapés for large events with waiter and chef service providing high restaurant standards.

Susan Clarke, Pinsent Masons

The coffee is really good

“The coffee is really good

I regularly go to this café for lunch and sometimes I even make it for breakfast as it is so handy when in the city especially around the legal quarter early in the am.

Their staff are very attentive and polite which you don’t always get in cafes.

No matter what time I’m going into work it seems to be open 7.30/8am anyway.

The coffee is really good and I love my decaf latte which I find hard to get a good version around the city.

Their breakfast is everything you could want from fruits to fries.

“Lunches are really good too.

If you’ve got a hearty appetite for a hot lunch, I recommend the Hotpot which is on most days and my particular favourite is Beef Bourguignon but that’s only on special days but that is just yummy and one of my favourite dishes.

I have had a few of their salads for lunch and they are very fresh and delicious.

They do all the usual sandwiches but their fillings are freshly made or you can buy from the cooler is you need along with takeaway drinks if you are in a hurry and also they use that nice grainy brown which I like.

Phillipa Logan – Law Society